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Miscellaneous Products

Fabriscape Inc. offers the widest variety of landscape fabrics / geotextiles and erosion control products in the industry. Fabriscape fabrics are used for weed control, filter / drain fabric, soil separator, patio / paver underliner, pond underlayment, road underliner, frost protection, etc.  Fabriscape's full line of retail products are perfect for every garden center and nursery. Fabriscape offers a full range of sizes for professional grade fabrics that will fulfill the needs of any landscape contractor.

  • Stops approx. 95% of weed growth
  • Lets air, water and fertilizer pass through to plant roots
  • Saves you time (no more weeding)
  • Permanent when covered from sunlight

  • Perfect for holding decorative stone & bark in place on slopes and hills
  • Colored stripes every 12" apart for easy plant alignment
  • U.V. Stabilized (Lasts 2 years in direct sunlight)
  • Permanent when covered from sunlight

  • Sloped Landscape Sites
  • Flower & Vegetable Gardens
  • Decorative Stone & Bark
  • Wooden Decks

Brickstop B.E.A.S.T. Plastic Paver Edging is North America's #1 Best Selling Paver Edging. Twenty one years of experience and millions of feet of paver installations have gone into the development of the B.E.A.S.T.

  • Allows installation of pavers on either side of edging
  • One piece for strait or curved patterns
  • Bends up to a 90 degree angle
  • Staggered lattice nailing to ensure maximum hold
  • Double nailing capability for difficult applications
  • L-shape design enables landscaping to be flush against pavers
  • Extra wide base for increased stability
  • Easy to install Spiral 10" nails
  • Same plastic composition as exterior vinyl windows proven to withstand extreme weather conditions

Brickstop edging is flexible AND it retains its strength. The unique features of Brickstop Plastic edging ensures a worry-free installation and Brickstop edging allows you to place pavers on either side of the edging. In fact, you can install Brickstop before or after the pavers have been laid.

Curv-Rite has been manufacturing quality aluminum landscape edging and aluminum brick paver edging since the late 1980's. Curv-Rite aluminum landscape edging has been designed with both the landscape architect and installer in mind. Designed to be easy to install and to last a lifetime, Curv-Rite lawn edging is the perfect choice for your next landscape edging project.

In addition to aluminum landscape edging, Curv-Rite also manufactures a full line of aluminum edging restraints. Stable Edge aluminum paver edging is the first paver edging designed by Curv-Rite and is available in Mill Finish and Deco-Black Finish.